1. i did the thing.

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    Whenever people walk out of Marvel movies right when the credits start I want tO SCREAM AT THEM LIKE HOW MANY TIMES DOES IT TAKE FOR YOU TO REALIZE THERE IS ALWAYS MORE

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    just came back from seeing Guardians of the Galaxy and it was as amazing and hilarious and even better than I expected it to be!! omg


    I’m already going to be seeing it a second time this Saturday.


  7. kinginawolfsuit:

    people are apparently terrified of lee pace after guardians of the galaxy??? how can you be terrified of lee pace??? he’s like the human equivalent of a newfie he’s just like a giant sweet puppy see look

    if you are afraid of lee pace please oh please go watch pushing daisies like right now no joke you will see his true dorky cutie pie nature

  8. "My dad used to tell me when I was younger, ‘You don’t want to be a Bond girl; you want to be a villain.’" [x]

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    Leave it to friggin’ Marvel to break your heart in the first five minutes of the film


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    ah yes

    guardians of the galaxy